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Troy Dameron, The Guitar Teacher in Danville, CA, has been providing in home guitar and piano lessons in Danville, San Ramon, and throughout the Tri-Valley area since 2002.  He has taught kids from 5 to 65.  Many of his students have auditioned and been awarded coveted positions in local school's jazz bands.  Others, have formed bands, composing and recording their own music, with some even touring throughout California during the summer.  And a select few have made guitar and music their major focus of study in college.  One such student being accepted into the prestigious Classical Guitar program at the University of California, Irvine. 

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Troy Dameron - The Guitar Teacher



Troy will take you where you're at as a musician, and transform your playing to a place you never imagined!

​​TROY DAMERON is a professional guitar instructor in the Tri-Valley region of the San Francisco Bay area. An accomplished guitarist, Troy has over 35 years playing experience in guitar. Musically, he has been playing instruments for over 45 years beginning first with piano at age 6. A multi-talented artist, Troy also has experience playing violin, trumpet, saxophone, drums, percussion, bass guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, and Native American flute. He regularly incorporates many of these instruments into his recordings of original compositions. Troy attributes his ability to play a variety of instruments to one common denominator: “Being able to read music and having a solid understanding of music theory.”

As a guitarist, Troy is both formally trained and self-taught. Formal music education includes 2 1/2 years of classical guitar study at Missouri State University. During that time Troy also took classes in Music Fundamentals, Music Theory, and Piano. He has performed and served as worship director in churches throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, and his home town of Springfield, Missouri. He toured with the rock group “The Edge” (Now called “Kings X”) in the early 1980's, as a lighting and stage technician, during which time he got to “jam” with a variety of musicians and developed many playing skills.

Troy has a wide range in his musical tastes which he encourages his students to develop. His innovative guitar programs encompass music from Classical to Punk Rock.  Programs are structured but there is always an emphasis on having fun. Troy’s basic music philosophy is that music should, “enhance not encumber” one’s life. In this way students are given latitude to develop their creative, improvisational skills within the framework of the “formal” classical approach to learning music.

Troy’s primary guitar influences include Andres Segovia, the Beatles, John Denver, Eric Clapton, Pete Huttlinger, and as he says, “too many to remember.” For the past few years he has renewed his studies in classical guitar.  He had the profound honor of being asked to perform a solo "mini-concerto" at his daughter's wedding.