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My Life of Musical Influences

(A Tribute to Dave Bedell)

Growing up I was inspired by music.  The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Elvis, the list goes on and on.  We can all reflect back on people who had a profound influence on the way we think and act.  The very things that shaped the way we came to see and understand ourselves, we can often attribute to a single person or event.  These influences are lasting impressions that continue to affect our lives long after that initial impact has waned.  

I began learning music at the age of 6.  I heard Kate Smith singing "God Bless America," on the Ed Sullivan show.  My grandmother had a piano, and so I sat down, and after about 30 minutes had figured out how to play the melody.  So, my grandmother started giving me informal piano lessons.  My other grandmother bought me my first guitar for my 7th birthday.  I took a few lessons, but quickly lost interest (as I had also done with playing piano - I was much more interested in fishing and baseball).

It wasn't until the 4th grade that I learned to play violin in the school band.  In the 5th grade I switched to playing trumpet in band, and played until I went into high school.  During this time I also learned to play saxophone, although I never played in the band.  In high school I started playing the drums.  Then at 17, I began re-learning to play guitar which I have continued to play and teach some 37 years now.  In college, all of my elective classes were music classes.  I developed my understanding of music theory to a much higher level.  I took every guitar and piano class I could.

One of my top - 5 musical influences - was a drummer from my hometown of Springfield, Missouri, Dave Bedell. I got my first drum set at his store, the Drum Key, and began taking lessons there (wish I still had those drums!).  I continued to visit his store for years, long after I quit taking lessons.

Man, this takes me way back! Dave was really cool - REAL cool, and I remember him inviting me to attend a seminar he was hosting featuring Buddy Rich.  What an evening!  Buddy spoke more through his playing.  I was mesmerized.  Dave and Buddy did a little drum-off, which was other-worldly.  For those 2 hours I got a glimpse into what it meant and took to be a musician at the highest levels - I wanted to achieve that!  While I didn't pursue drums as my primary musical instrument, I still have a set of drums and I love to play them, and do my own drum parts on recordings.

I have even taught drums to one of the brothers of my guitar students (just like I now teach piano to a brother of one of my guitar students). Hey! I AM a 1-man band! Just can't play all the instruments at once!  Learning to play drums developed my sense of beat, timing, and rhythm. I became a walking metronome! I have Dave alone to thank for the inspiration to learn music and drums.

Never underestimate the impact of those who you are influenced by - even years later.  When you can recall these events, the significant influence they had on your life then, can have just as much influence on your life today.

If anybody would like to learn to play drums.....

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