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Providing guitar lessons for 16 years in Danville, San Ramon, Blackhawk, Alamo, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Castro Valley, Tri-Vally, and East Bay.

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 CJ began taking guitar lessons in 2008.  Since this formative period, he has committed himself to not only learning guitar, but discovering the "art" of expressing himself through his guitar.  Early on I saw in CJ a unique "feel" for the guitar.  His natural sense of timing, articulation, and expression have allowed him to integrate into his own playing a variety of musical styles. However, what CJ seems to play so effortlessly is really the outgrowth of a dedicated and disciplined approach to mastering the fundamentals of both the guitar and music comprehension.  ​​Here is his story ...

Success STory:  CJ

"Learning to play guitar was not always something I aspired to get better at. In fact before I started guitar lessons with Troy, I used to think I was good at it because I could shred on my air guitar. That was roughly 6 or 7 years ago before I got to learn from master guitarist, Troy Dameron. My experience with Troy has been one that really can't be explained, it can only truly be experienced. But, this will be my best explanation of it!

As a young guitarist just starting out, it became hard to sit down and play on my own when all I knew how to play was a few notes. I wanted to play like the great guitarists, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, and especially my teacher! As I kept being encouraged by Troy - I just kept at it, kept playing my guitar, and practicing everything I was given. I quickly became a sponge for guitar chords and licks, and sprouted a burning passion to surprise Troy with anything I could learn outside of our lessons.

One of the ways I would become a better player was through school. My Junior high school had a guitar class that I took which was beneficial, but nothing compared to my Friday lessons with Troy. Coming home after school, grabbing my guitar, amp and music stand, easily became the highlight of my whole week.

After getting my basic chord progressions and note reading, (which is ridiculously beneficial for any guitarists!!) we started having little jam sessions, and all I can say was that those jams were probably the most fun I could have on a Friday. Now after completing my note reading and progression studies through the lesson books, I soon became what my friends called the best guitarist they knew personally. Well, all that credit goes to Troy, because without him I wouldn't be where I am today with guitar.

Nor would I have been given the opportunity to play in a restaurant! Yup, that’s right, I was given the opportunity to play with a blues band at the Hideaway, all because I showed my love for guitar playing and because I was given the tools by Troy to be great at playing. That was probably one of the most eye opening experiences I had as a junior high student. Now as a sophomore in high school, I have begun recording my own music, not to mention the blues album Troy and I are currently in the process of creating.

It’s truly through the tools Troy has given me, and the patience he has, that got me to where I am today. Not only have my friends experienced my journey through guitar but everywhere I go now if there’s a guitar, I have the skill to pick it up, fix it, tune it, and start shredding and blow people’s minds! I can tell you from personal experience, having that ability is truly one of the best feelings as a guitarist! Showing people your hard work and showing them that you can accomplish something great is a wonderful thing.

If you have ever had the urge to play like the great guitarists of today, taking guitar lessons with Troy truly is the best route you can take. Not only is playing the guitar a thing to do in your free time, but that is a skill you probably will NEVER forget. It’s an outlet for stress, a place to be free, and most of all a skill that will change your life. I hope this is an eye opener because Troy has truly changed my life one strum at a time. It’s a lot of strums but man does it sound good!"